Jared Allen: I'll break your f*cking neck homeboy [VIDEO]

Just because Jared Allen has an iPhone app doesn't mean he's going soft.

The Vikings Pro-Bowl defensive end is all over TMZ for an altercation at the Grapevine bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, that was caught on video.

It started when another patron called Allen's fiance a "cunt." Probably not a good taunt for a man who makes his living sacking quarterbacks.

Allen justifiably responds with, "I'll break your fucking neck homeboy ... and then I'll write a check to your fucking name too."

Now that's bad-ass.

Sadly, his lovely fiance dragged Jared away before he could make good on his threat.

Too bad. I wonder if he would have done his calf-roping routine after beating the guy up?

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