Jared Allen gets passive aggressive after Frazier tells players to stop whining about coaching

Jared Allen gets passive aggressive after Frazier tells players to stop whining about coaching

After the Vikings defense gave up yet another last-minute game-losing touchdown on Sunday in Dallas, veteran defensive lineman Kevin Williams and Brian Robison took a couple of shots at the coaching staff.

"There's some things that are going on internally that are not allowing us to close out games and we've got make sure we handle it in-house and we get it done," Robison told reporters.

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Williams, speaking about the Vikings' pass-heavy play calling during what turned out to be their second-to-last possession, added (via the Star Tribune): "You'd think we would run to run the time out. But I don't coach offense. I just have to play what they call on defense."

As you'd expect, Leslie Frazier, asked yesterday how he felt about two of his defensive leaders airing their grievances about the coaching staff to the media in the middle of a miserable season, said he'd like it if players would keep their frustrations in-house.

But Robison, asked if he regretted his comments, told reporters, "I don't take back anything I said."

"I'm probably going to get griped at for it. In my honest opinion, I don't think I said anything out of line," Robison said yesterday, according to the Star Tribune. "I don't think I necessarily threw anybody under the bus. I didn't say anything that I shouldn't have said. We've always prided ourselves on holding each other accountable."

During his media availability today, Jared Allen upped the ante:

Allen may be from Texas, but that's about as Minnesotan as it gets!

Allen eventually did offer up more than one-word replies to reporters' questions, but perhaps it would've been best had he kept his mouth shut. Asked about Richie Incognito, the Miami Dolphins lineman who has been indefinitely suspended by the team after it was revealed he left a teammate a voicemail calling him a racial slur and threatening to crap in his mouth and kill him, Allen said:

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