Jane Fiemeyer, 'Princess Warrior,' dies before meeting band but after inspiring many

Jane Fiemeyer, nicknamed 'Princess Warrior' loved boas and sparkly things.
Jane Fiemeyer, nicknamed 'Princess Warrior' loved boas and sparkly things.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Reddick.

Minnesota lost a spunky and beautiful soul yesterday.

After battling leukemia this past year, eight-year-old Jane Fiemeyer of Wadena died yesterday before being granted her final wish: to meet popular Nickolodeon band Big Time Rush, also from Minnesota.

Sadly, the band had planned to Skype with Fiemeyer yesterday afternoon and surprise her with plans of meeting soon, according to longtime family friend Lisa Reddick.

Contact with the band had been established via a mass social-media effort by friends, family, and, increasingly, total strangers, according to Reddick.

"The social media explosion really started happening on Monday and Tuesday," Reddick said. "It was amazing to see how many people -- strangers from all over the country -- were helping out. It was awe inspiring."

Fiemeyer herself was awe inspiring, so much so that she earned the nickname "Princess Warrior."

"She was our little princess -- she loved feather boas and sparkly things," Reddick said. "And she was a little warrior."

Fiemeyer maintained a brave and positive attitude throughout her illness. She had to undergo several painful and uncomfortable procedures, including a spinal tap. Reddick says that, before the spinal tap, Fiemeyer affixed a sign to her back for the nurses. It read: "Please don't make it hurt," accompanied by a smiley face.

Fiemeyer also thought more of others than herself. She created hundreds of wallets and bags out of funky-printed duct tape to raise money for cancer research.

"The day she left the hospital, somebody gave her $20 and said, 'I'd like for you to buy something pretty for yourself,'" Reddick said. "And Jane said, 'I'd like to put it in the duct-tape fund.'"

Fiemeyer is survived by her parents, Jil and George, and her two younger sisters, Katie Rae and Ana.

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