James Teto Grant was beaten to death and tossed in Bassett Creek

James Teto Grant, the 17-year-old whose body was found in Bassett Creek a few weeks ago by some families out for a kayak, was beaten to death and then dumped in the creek with his leg tied to a battery to hold him underwater. Golden Valley Police have now pinned murder charges on another teenager for Grant's murder.

They say Emmanuel Garmodhen Myles, 16, and two other teenagers, beat Grant over the head with a shovel during a gang initiation at Theodore Wirth Park on July 10.

Myles told police that they left Grant's body at the park while someone old enough to drive took them to a nearby Home Depot to buy shovels so they could bury him. When they got back, they dug shallow grave, but then decided instead to try and hide Grant's body in the creek. So they tied one of his legs to a used car battery and dragged him into the creek.

Eight days later, John Munnich found the kid's body while paddling kayaks in the creek with friends and family.

At the time, authorities told reporters that there didn't appear to be any signs of foul play.

Grant and his father, James Grant, had only been in the United States a few years, having emigrated from Liberia to escape war and poverty.

"I just want to ask them, 'Why? Why did they have to kill him?'" he said in an interview with WCCO. the station. "I came to America for a better life."

Myles has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. The Strib reports that other two teenagers, and the adult who drove the car to Home Depot, may be charged later this week.

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