James Suttles killed Justin Jackson in self-defense


James Suttles, the man who was held in custody for the Friday night killing of Justin Jackson, will not be charged with murder in Jackson's death after videotape and witnesses exonerated Suttles.

Suttles was standing at a bus stop, minding his own business around 7 p.m. on Friday night when a gang of men attacked him, police say. Jackson and others jumped Suttles without warning, and punched him several times, eventually trying to go through his pockets.

Suttles escaped across the street, but the gang pursued him. There, Suttles pulled a knife, and faced off with Jackson and the others. The fight that took place left Jackson bleeding to death, and sent Suttles and another of his attackers to the emergency room at HCMC.


Suttles and the other survivor underwent surgery at HCMC on Friday night, with Suttles having sustained head injuries from the attack.

Police at first described Suttles as being arrested at the scene, and "in custody" at the hospital. But homicide detectives used bus stop surveillance and eyewitness accounts to prove that Suttles only stabbed Jackson and another man to save his own life.

Jackson was a confirmed member of the Bloods gang, and was in the process of accumulating a criminal record, police say. He had a previous conviction for aggravated robbery, and in July was charged with receiving stolen property. Jackson's next hearing in that arrest was scheduled for August 29.

So far, no charges have been filed related to the incident, but police are still investigating other men involved in the fight.