James Summers enters Denny's, falsely says he's new GM, cooks himself meal, gets arrested

James Summers Tom Green-style ruse filled his belly and landed him in jail.
James Summers Tom Green-style ruse filled his belly and landed him in jail.

Some would argue that James Summers deserves a free meal after coming up with an elaborate ruse to fill his belly.

Summers, 52, is from Wisconsin. And on Tuesday afternoon, he walked into a Madison-area Denny's, told workers he was the new general manager, then cooked himself the quintessential Wisconsin meal -- a burger and fries.

Turns out Summers made the whole thing up. As he ate his self-cooked meal, the real GM, following a phone call to Denny's corporate, told Summers she knew he was a phony, called police, and had him arrested.

Summers even looked the part when he waltzed into the restaurant -- he wore a maroon tie and carried a briefcase.

You can't fault a guy for trying, right?

After the real GM told Summers his jig was up, he continued to insist she was mistaken and that he was in fact there to replace her. Eventually, police arrived, confirmed that Summers was lying, and arrested him. While searching him, an officer found that he was carrying an unlicensed stun gun.

Summers has been charged with fraudulently impersonating a restaurant keeper (that's really on the books?), disorderly conduct, drug possession, and possessing an electric weapon.

Here's to hoping he was at least able to finish chowing down before police hauled him away.

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