James Scott Miller admits terroristic Craigslist threat against Somalis

James Scott Miller

James Scott Miller

James Scott Miller, the 49-year-old New Hope man who said on Craigslist he'd be happy to use Somalis as target practice, pleaded guilty yesterday to making terroristic threats. Jailed since March, he worked out a deal in which he faces a faces a possible maximum 90 days behind bars.

According to the Stearns County criminal complaint, Miller posted his comments on Craigslist in response to an advertisement for a Somali cultural event to be held at St. Cloud State University on March 20. "I'll bring my rifle," he wrote. "I'll gladly pay $10 for target practice."

Miller told police he was angry with the Somalis who live in his apartment complex for not showing sufficient respect to others.

From the St. Cloud Times:

Miller admitted he posted the threat to "get a rise out of some people."

He didn't realize the threat would cause people to fear for their safety, he said during his plea hearing Monday.

"I see that now," Miller said. "I didn't realize it then."