James Rogers, convicted sex offender, arrested in Cookie Monster costume at Iowa fair

A registered sex offender, dressed up as Cookie Monster, greeted children as they entered the Mississippi Valley Fair in Iowa.

James Rogers, 25, was arrested Friday for his creepy costume, which was actually part of his job, according to KWQC news. Rogers was working for a private company that contracted him to work at the fair.

Rogers' parole specifically bars him from working with children and on fairgrounds.

This is the worst episode of Sesame Street ever.

Rogers was caught because he got a little too friendly with an adult: He lifted the Cookie Monster head off to say "Hello" to a parole officer who'd handled his case, KWQC reports. This is probably the exact wrong person to reveal yourself to, and it didn't work out for Rogers.

Rogers, who has been convicted of sexual acts with a minor in the past, was arrested for a sex offender employment violation. Though he wasn't actually caught doing anything improper at the time, he could face up to two years in prison simply for being at the fairgrounds.

Obviously, all eyes have now turned to Rogers' employer, which KWQC reports is a newly formed contracting company called Q.C. Characters.

Apparently, "Q.C." stands for "Quite Creepy."

The owner, who did not want to be identified, admitted he'd made a bad mistake and apologized to everyone for his lack of due diligence. Rogers had never worked in a family's home, according to the owner, who says he'll make sure to never make this same error again.

He told KWQC he didn't run Rogers through a thorough background check because he knew Rogers needed a paycheck.

"This guy needed a job so I kinda put him in the costume right away," the owner said.

Now, Rogers, and maybe the owner of Q.C. Characters, needs a lawyer, and everyone who ever watched Sesame Street needs a long shower.


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