James Ricky McBain sentenced for role in paralyzing Major the police dog

Another of the three self-professed meth heads whose lousy decision making skills ended up causing "Major" the Roseville police dog to be paralyzed has been sentenced, but he'll spend just one day in prison.

James Ricky McBain, 21, received a one year stayed sentence and three years of probation for his role in the break-in at Truck Utilities on English Street in Maplewood last November, along with that single day.

If he screws up during probation, he's off to the slammer.

McBain was arrested along with Roel Joseph Perez, 21, and Ryan Neil Dorner, 23, after cops arrived to investigate the break-in. "Major" was sent through a hole that had been cut in the side of building, cornered Perez and bit down on his leg.

Instead of realizing he was trapped with no way out and giving up, Perez reacted by pulling out a knife and viscously stabbing the dog over and over in the head and neck. "Major" let go and staggered off covered in blood, crippled and suffering from a collapsed lung.

Meanwhile, outside, the cops caught McBain and Dorner, and later found a car with the tools used for the break-in, as well as a meth pipe. All three men later told police they wanted to sell stolen truck parts to pay for their meth habit.

Perez, McBain and Dorner.
Perez, McBain and Dorner.

Then the cops found "Major," whose injuries were so extensive that even months of special rehab couldn't repair Perez's damage. Paralyzed, the dog now gets around with a pair of wheels strapped to his hind quarters and ives with his handler, Officer John Jorgensen.

Perez pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced in February to four months in jail. Dorner has yet to be sentenced.


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