James Ray's $5 million bail too high, can't afford to pay it, lawyer says


James Ray, the multimillionaire self-help guru, author and speaker implicated in the sweat-lodge death of Prior Lake's Liz Neuman and two others, is telling the judge in his case that he can't afford to pay his $5 million bail -- and he wants it reduced. The Associated Press is reporting, based on court documents that are now under seal, that Ray $4.2 million in debt.

Neuman, Kirby Brown, of New York and James Shore of Milwaukee all died after taking part in a "spiritual warrior" sweat lodge ceremony last year at Ray's retreat in Arizona that also ended with 18 people injured. Neuman's family is furious with how he's acted. Witnesses said he did nothing to help those in peril. He denies the accusations.

Ray was charged with three counts of manslaughter.