James Lentz gives cop killer Joshua Martin a ride and goes to the workhouse

James Irvin Lentz was sentenced yesterday.

James Irvin Lentz was sentenced yesterday.

Joshua Michael Martin and Jason Jones had just killed Maplewood Police Sgt. Joe Bergeron last May, and Martin needed a ride from his mom's house. So he called his friend James Irvin Lentz.

Lentz showed up, Martin got in the car, told his friend that Bergeron had been "smoked," and the two took off for a tattoo parlor and then a friend's house.


Martin told us about that day for our Dec. 1 cover story. After sprinting from the shooting scene on Bruce Vento Trail, he and Jones had split up. Jones ended up in a fight with another cop and was shot dead. Martin ended up at his mother's house, frantic.

That's apparently when he called Lentz, who realized that he'd made a bad move because at first, he denied to police that he even knew Martin. Later, he told the cops he thought Martin had just been in a gang fight. Finally, on Nov. 19, Lentz pleaded guilty to aiding an offender.

Now he's is going to spend 30 days in the Ramsey County workhouse and three years on probation as a result.

Martin is serving a 35-year sentence for murder.