James Brent Vandusartz, Blake girls hockey coach, in teen boy sex sting

James Brent Vandusartz

James Brent Vandusartz

James Brent Vandusartz coached the junior varsity girls hockey team at the prestigious Blake School, but Burnsville police say it was a teenage boy who really got the 56-year-old man's attention.

The boy, who's described as one of Vandusartz's students, but who apparently isn't a Blake student, went to the cops Nov. 30 after an encounter with the man that included "digital penetration."


Then he got a message from Vandusartz proclaiming "a spark between them and while they didn't have to be lovers, he thought the student enjoyed getting pleasure from him and he enjoyed giving it."

The teenager agreed to have police monitor a phone call with Vandusartz on Dec. 1; they got together the next morning at Vandusartz's home, and Burnsville PD moved in.

The "spark" had come the day before, according to Vandusartz. In the complaint, they say he "was uncertain if he had digitally penetrated the student, but did not deny it was possible in 'the heat of the moment.'"

There's no mention in the complaint about how that first "heat of the moment" came about. Meanwhile, Vandusartz has been charged in Dakota County District Court with third degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony.

He's also been suspended from his coaching job and told to stay away from the student athletes. The Blake School, understandably rattled by the news, has notified families of all the players who Vandusartz coached during his tenure with the school.