Jamaica Mistaica: Smilin' Bob lands in the Carribean

In his final years as Minneapolis police chief Robert Olson often appeared uninterested in his job. He showed little enthusiasm for addressing the systemic problems that have plagued the MPD for years and was often completely absent from the public eye.  

Consequentially we'd given little thought as to what had become of Olson since he left office last year. We assumed he was relaxing in Florida or Arizona or perhaps his hometown of Yonkers, New York.

But apparently Olson has landed in, of all places, Kingston, Jamaica. According to Robert Bennett, an attorney who has represented numerous plaintiffs who have sued the MPD for civil rights violations, Olson is serving as a consultant to the Kingston police force.

Bennett will be traveling to Kingston at the end of next month to question Olson about the Duy Ngo shooting. Ngo sued the city in U.S. District Court two years ago and is seeking some $9-million in damages. The case is currently in discovery.

Apparently Smilin' Bob is enjoying life in Jamaica. "He will not come back to give his deposition" says Bennett.

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