Jail time for rape near U, drunk shoppers, God robbers not busted


Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp: 

The Wayzata man charged in the scary stranger rape case near the University of Minnesota was sentenced to 24.5 years yesterday. The man was found guilty of breaking into the woman's home and raping her at knife point in May. The woman escaped after the rape "by jumping out the second-floor bathroom window wrapped in a towel. She broke her ankle and suffered minor knife wounds."

Get poor shoppers drunk so they buy more 
Stores across the country are getting dismal figures about holiday shopping this year. So how can you get those poor and depressed shoppers to spend their hard-earned rent money? Get them drunk. Stores around the Twin Cities are offering free booze to entice shoppers into their stores. Count us in. We are experts at pretending to shop so we keep getting free stuff. 

Minneapolis police released a warning to places of worship on the city's south side after a string of burglaries this month. Police believe some of the robbers enter during a service and hide out until the church is empty. They have stolen office supplies, checks, cash, a laptop computer, electronics and other items. God will find you, suckers!

The new blue bridge isn't on purpose 
There might be a lot of "oohs and aahs" at the bright blue lights on the new 35W bridge, but that lighting isn't the intention. The bridge is supposed to be splashed with an ugly bright white light, but the light techs for the bridge can't seem to figure out the color wheel. 

They might be, but it's one hell of a job. The Star Tribune profiles the St. Paul Teaching Fellows program that takes local residents without teaching degrees to help students in troubled schools. Shout-out to Ms. Glawe!