Jacoby Kindred, self-proclaimed pastor, allegedly abused girls, said devil was inside them

The PiPress reports that this is Kindred's Facebook profile picture
The PiPress reports that this is Kindred's Facebook profile picture

Jacoby Kindred, a 61-year-old Maplewood resident who told police he's a pastor with something called One Accord Ministries, has been charged with two counts of first-degree sexual conduct for allegedly sexually abusing two young girls over the course of years. A warrant is currently out for his arrest.

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According to the criminal complaint, Kindred is the father of the girls' mother's boyfriend. The abuse allegedly occurred while the girls, now 16 and 14, were staying over at his place, but other incidents allegedly occurred in a Target parking lot. The girls told authorities the abuse began about a decade ago.

Authorities were alerted to the alleged abuse after a note written by the youngest girl  mentioning Kindred's alleged abuse was brought to her mother's attention. KARE 11, citing the complaint, reports that the abuse involved fondling, oral stimulation, and rape, according to the girls. The girls say Jacoby told them the "devil was inside them" and sex would help exorcise the demons.

In August, police followed up with a phone call to Kindred, and he told them (via the Star Tribune): "Get your warrants, do what you gotta do, no DNA, none of that... You weren't there, nobody was there!"

The Pioneer Press was able to reach Jacoby for comment earlier today.

"These are not really kids," Kindred told them. "They have the mind of the adult."

"I never did anything like that," he continued, referring to the charges he faces. "Anyone can make up anything when you sit there long enough and you rehearse it."

"All a woman has to do [in Minnesota] is make an accusation, true or false, and the man's going to be in trouble," Kindred said.

He told the PiPress he's currently out of town for a funeral, but wouldn't disclose his specific location.

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