Jacob Volkmann's Obama threat earns him coaching suspension

At first, we wondered whether the Secret Service was overreacting when it paid a visit to UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann in White Bear Lake.

In a post-fight interview he employed a little braggadocio about knocking some sense into "that idiot," President Barack Obama.

Now we're wondering whether White Bear Lake High School is over-reacting. They've suspended the mixed martial arts fighter from his part-time wrestling coach position.

Volkmann has apologized for the rash comment about the president. He readily admits that if he'd known the remark was going to bring the president's protectors to his front door, he would have chosen his words more wisely.

He's also on record saying that he never would have said such a thing in the wake of Jared Loughner's bloody rampage last week in Tucson.

All the same, the high school has put him on paid leave while it looks into the matter.

He told the Strib that skittish parents called the school to complain when they saw video of him on the news and late night talk shows.

"The biggest problem was that I was wearing White Bear Lake High School hats and shirts (in the news stories), and that was why parents were calling in."

The UFC? It could care less.

Take a look at the video here. Should Volkmann have been suspended?

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