Jacob Lindekugel, noted ingrate, charged with pepper-spraying girlfriend who saved his life


How do you repay the woman who saved your life? By unloading a blast pf pepper spray on her and her daughter, that's how. Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

Our tale of seasonal ingratitude begins a few days before Christmas in the scenic confines of Shoreview.

Jacob Lindekugel, 24, was in the midst of overdosing on an undisclosed opioid. Fortunately, his quick-witted girlfriend leapt into action, administering Narcon and calling paramedics. Jacob survived, but not happily.

When he returned home two days before Christmas, he was pissed, according to police. He railed at his beloved for getting the cops involved. He also accused her infidelity.

The woman – did we mention she was pregnant? – did what heroes are prone to doing in the aftermath of their exploits: she read a story to her daughter on the girl’s bed. But just to be on the safe side, she kept the pepper-spray attached to her key chain hidden in the blankets, should her unfortunate choice of beaus raise the tenor of his ire.

Alas, police say Lindekugel opted for the latter option. He grabbed the spray and blasted mother and child in the face. Police arrived to find them crying outside the woman’s home.

Court records say Lindekugel admitted to spraying his sweetheart, but contended the daughter was collateral damage. He was charged with one count of unlawful use of tear gas, and two counts of aggravated dickdom.

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