Jacob Hanson mixes guns with grief

We all mourn in our own way.

We all mourn in our own way.

Jacob Hanson was having a difficult month when he attended a  house party last April. His father, Timothy Hanson, had been killed by police in March after shooting at them and hitting one of them with his .357 Magnum in a firefight on his front lawn.

So chalk it up to grief, or to the alcohol and marijuana that witnesses say the younger Hanson was enjoying at the April soiree, but at some point, he pulled his own handgun out and started pointing it at his fellow party-goers.


The 20-year-old Woodbury resident didn't shoot anyone (or get shot), but the prospect of a second generation of Hansons brandishing a heater clearly concerned the cops. Lest the circle be unbroken, they locked down the nearby high school and executed a warrant to search Hanson's house. The search turned up several weapons

Now Hanson is charged with making terroristic threats and possessing a firearm while using a controlled substance. He's due in court next month.