Jackass in north Minneapolis makes dog ride motorcycle [VIDEO]

After the dog fell off, the motorcycle rider forced it to get back on and stand on its hind legs.

After the dog fell off, the motorcycle rider forced it to get back on and stand on its hind legs.

Miguel Montoya was just pulling up to a friend's house in north Minneapolis when he saw what was going on. 

Montoya, 25, noticed a man on a motorcycle who appeared to be getting into it with a few people standing on a nearby street corner. This was noticeable enough. More bizarre was that the man was accompanied by a large dog, which he held loosely on the back of his bike.

Montoya pulled up and parked. He whipped out his phone, hoping to catch the man's approach down the block. His attempt at recording was more successful than the man's ridiculous stunt: As he rode up, the dog fell off the bike, nearly rolling under its front wheel. 

North Minneapolis dog on motorcycle.

"Oh fuck, look at this motherfucker, he's stupid as fuck!" Montoya's friend narrates, accurately.

Montoya then captured a second video of the man as he propped the clearly nervous dog onto the back of the bike, standing on its hind legs. 

"[The man] was already yelling at [the dog] since when I first saw him," Montoya says. "Like it was somehow the dog's fault that he couldn't ride with him."

North Minneapolis dog on motorcycle (2) .

After taking the second video, Montoya and his friend followed the man down the block, where he parked his motorcycle and entered a home. According to Montoya, the motorcycle owner briefly interacted with his neighbors; judging from his body language, Montoya guesses they were in some sort of verbal confrontation.

"The thing that upsets me most is that the dog was terrified," says Montoya, who also noted the moment it almost got run over.

He uploaded his two short clips to Snapchat, and they were later circulated on Facebook. Through either the initial incident or the video's appearance online, calls came in to Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, which confirmed Thursday it is investigating the incident.

" The City does not condone any behavior or activity that negligently places any animal in a cruel and inhumane situation or places the animal in imminent danger of physical bodily harm," says director Caroline Hairfield.

The man in the video could not be positively identified. Sources familiar with the situation say the dog has been removed from his care.