Jack Shepard for Congress? Fugitive felon wants in


We could have had vampire Jonathon Sharkey for governor, but he took off for Florida. Maybe fugitive felon Jack Shepard for District 4 congressman? What could possibly go wrong? From Shepard's Web site, somewhere in Italy:

"If you support: 1) The Legalization of Medical Marijuana, 2) An immediate change in the Criminal Justice System's direction with a renewed emphasis on ex-offender rehabilitation, instead of the present focus on longer and more costly re-incarnation of non-violent offenders. Then please vote for Dr. Jack Shepard for the US Congress-4th CD in the GOP Primary on August 10, 2010.

For real? Well...

MPR's Tom Scheck wrote about Shepard in 2006:

Shepard made news in 2004 when Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer booted him off the 2004 primary ballot because she believed he was a fugitive felon, something Shepard denies. The Minnesota Supreme Court put Shepard back on the primary ballot. He eventually lost to Republican candidate Patrice Bataglia. DFLer Betty McCollum currently holds the seat.

The Pioneer Press' Pat Sweeney reported in 2004 that "Hennepin County authorities said they believe the candidate is a former Minneapolis dentist who had already been convicted of criminal sexual conduct and drug possession when he was accused of arson in 1982.

Back in 2007, when Rachel Stassen-Berger was still with the Pioneer Press, she heard from Shepard:

Earlier this year, he bought some Web ads on -- and now he's calling and emailing union executives to solicit their support.

A sentence from one of the emails:

"I am sending you 3 emails I have sent to XXX XXXXX, as you may know she is leading the cause for the Employee Free Choice Act which will never happen unless Al Franken gets elected and you eliminate Norm Coleman for him by using and get a massive turn out of the Union Workers of Minnesota use and vote for me, Jack Shepard to eliminate Norm Coleman."

(I've xxed out the name of the person Shepard mentioned in the email)

Now it sounds like he tracked down Stassen-Berger again, now at her Star-Tribune desk:

Shepard called this purveyor of hot dish Wednesday morning to let us know he will run as a Republican candidate in the 4th congressional district. Democratic U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum currently holds the strong Democratic district. Professor Teresa Collett received the GOP nod for the race last weekend.

"This time there is a pretty good chance I could win," Shepard said. He's run for Minnesota offices in 2002, 2004, 2006 and last ran in 2008 in a Republican primary against then-U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

Here's Shepard on YouTube in 2008: