Ivy Beleaguered

Pity the Harvard Law student. It is her sad fate to squander her days in the company of America's future overlords—before being thrown out into the cruel world with a six-figure salary at age 25.

Last summer, one particularly sympathetic local decided to share the native warmth that so many Midwesterners feel for the coastal elite. In a good-natured article in last week's Harvard Record, second-year law student Pamela Foohey recounted a mysterious letter that turned up on the windshield of her Lexus SUV—or, rather, her parents' Lexus SUV. The car, Foohey explained, had Connecticut plates, and, more important, a window sticker from Harvard Law.

The message in full:

"Dear Ivey Legger: We CANNOT believe you have such an infantile object as a STUFFED BUNNY in the windshield of your Lexus, especially since you went to HARVARD Law School. THANK GOD I went to public university if that's what they teach you to be CLASS when you go to Harvard. Go home—we don't want your type around here. Sincerely, Ms. Minnesota."

At the time, Foohey was a summer associate at Minneapolis megafirm Dorsey and Whitney. The offending bunny, she notes, was a perk that came from dining at a luxury eatery called McDonalds.

Although she's had the chance to decipher the note for a good long time, Foohey admits that she's no closer to solving the case. "Part of the reason I find it so amusing," she writes in an email to CP, "is because the motivation of the note-taker is baffling. Who would go through the trouble of finding a piece of paper and writing a rather long note around 8:00 p.m. on a Thursday night? There are more interesting things to do in Uptown Minneapolis."

Not being a spiteful soul herself, Foohey doubts that resentment had much to do with the incident. "In the end," she says, "I chalk it up to a combination of boredom, alcohol, and possibly a dare."

Presumably, Foohey will return to our friendly metropolis to take a permanent job at Dorsey and Whitney (starting salary: $120,000). Which may explain why she added the following addendum to her byline, "Pamela Foohey, 2L, would like to reiterate just how much she loves Minneapolis."

Can't you tell that Minneapolis loves you right back?