It's Wisconsin: Pastor, parishioner cited for shooting arrow during church

Pastor, parishioner cited for shooting arrow during church service
SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- A pastor and parishioner have been cited by police for shooting an arrow during a church service in Sheboygan Falls. The Rev. John Putnam had Jason Wilke shoot the arrow across the front of the church during a recent service at Pentecostals of Sheboygan County. Putnam says it was a "teaching tool" used during his sermon.

Mom accused of praying for dying daughter instead of taking her to doctor. Now she's poor
WAUSAU -- The mother accused of reckless homicide for praying instead of taking her 11-year-old daughter to a doctor has run out of money to defend herself, her attorney told a judge today.

Nine months in jail for psychiatrist who touched patient
OSHKOSH -- A former psychiatrist convicted of having inappropriate sexual contact with a patient will spend nine months in the Winnebago County jail. A criminal complaint says Morgan sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman he'd been treating for bipolar disorder.

Teens busted, sentenced for trying to poison man with WD-40
ELKHORN -- One teenage boy decided to go along with his girlfriend's plan to poison her dad with WD-40. He's been sentenced to one year in jail for his role.

Couple allegedly scammed nuns of $800,000
MILWAUKEE -- A Chicago couple is accused of posing as destitute Kenyan refugees and scamming Carmelite nuns in Pewaukee out of more than $800,000.

Man charged with using cell phone company's debit card to pay bills
CHIPPEWA FALLS-- A Cornell man who allegedly used a cell phone provider's debit card to pay his bill month after month has been charged with theft and fraud.

Wisconsin hiding Nazi camp guards
WASHINGTON -- A former Nazi concentration camp guard who was living in Wisconsin has been deported to Austria, Justice Department officials said today.

Drunk driver returns to scene of the crime
RACINE-- A suspected drunken driver was arrested after returning to the scene of a hit-and-run crash and then leading police on a chase in Racine County.

Repeat sex offender sentenced to life in prison
LA CROSSE -- A La Crosse man is sentenced to life in prison with no possible parole after his latest conviction as a sex offender. Clements also has two 1999 convictions for second-degree sexual assault of a child and attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child.

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