It’s not easy being a black Minneapolis cop these days [video]


Video captures a black woman chastising a black Minneapolis police officer, calling him a "lapdog" among other barbs.

With racial tension between police and African American communities boiling over, it’s probably not the most halcyon time to be a black cop. At least one Minneapolis officer knows how it feels to be denigrated for no apparent reason other than being a black man with a badge.

A video posted this week on shows a black woman directing an emotional string of insults at the officer as protesters chanted outside the Fourth Precinct station. As a community mourns and seeks answers about the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark, the woman and a man filming the one-sided exchange accused the officer of being “a puppet to all these white people” and suggested hypothetical things he can suck.

“Y’all didn’t have to kill my brother like that,” the woman says. “If y’all didn’t kill him, we wouldn’t be out here.”

For at least the nearly five minutes caught on camera, the riot gear-clad cop takes the verbal assault with a straight face. 

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