It's Friday! Play hooky, stalk Britney


Alright. You're likely sitting at work in a dreary terrible office building wishing it was the weekend already. We've got an idea. Screw work for the day. There is seriously no better day to play hooky than the day we've got a superstar in town.

Tell your boss you puked, pull up Twitter on your iPhone and start your afternoon by stalking Britney Spears. Everyone else is doing it.

Spears is probably thankful to be in the podunk Midwest where we probably haven't even heard of her before. Hit me baby one more time? Doesn't ring a bell.

Well what better way to make a superstar hate her life than to follow her every move like crazed lunatics? We don't have anything better to do when it's almost 50 degrees and sunny outside.

Minneapolis is all abuzz today because Spears will be performing tonight at the Target Center. The Star Tribune's celeb gossiper CJ wrote a story today with BREAKING NEWS. Spears tweeted about seeing a movie last night with her dancers! And it appears she was already in town! We need confirmation stat.

Make this woman's daylong visit to Minneapolis total hell by standing outside her hotel (find all sorts of fun rumors on Twitter about her location), watch her eat at local restaurants, follow behind her as she shops and whip out a boner in her honor. She'll probably never come back.

And yes, we saw her MTV documentary about how hard her life is as a millionaire with all the fame she ever dreamed of. Maybe we shed a tear in the moment, but that doesn't mean we really care about her well-being.

But seriously. If you see her around town, let us know. We've been dying for a boob autograph from this lady since we were in training bras.