It's back! Enjoy the 2020 Minnesota hockey hair video



The sick flows of this year's Minnesota state boys' hockey tournament were supposed to go undocumented. 

John King, who has assembled the All-Hockey Hair supercut for nearly a decade, said 2019 would be his final year curating the manes, mullets, and magnificently misguided facial hair of our high school skaters. 

But, thankfully, he's back for at least one last rodeo.

Bloomington-based hair salon chain Great Clips dangled a $25,000 charitable carrot in front of King, who got the hairy band back together on behalf of Hendrickson Foundation, a Richfield group that spreads hockey to people living with disabilities. 

Currently sitting at 400,000-plus views, the 2020 All-Hockey Hair video dropped Saturday, one day before Mahtomedi won the tourney. Enjoy it below. 

Click here for the history of the All-Hockey Hair, as told by the freaking New Yorker in 2019.