Islamic law center opens on University of Minnesota campus today

It's been almost 10 years since the 9/11 attacks. We're still stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. Egypt is in the midst of a bloody revolution whose outcome is uncertain at best. And everyone seems to have an opinion about Muslims--informed or not.

Into this mess steps the University of Minnesota's law school, which opens a new Islamic Law and Human Rights Program today.

The university says the new program will focus on current issues and debates surrounding human rights and Islamic law and will encourage new approaches to research and real-world application.

A little knowledge would be a good thing, yes? Maybe it would help avoid paranoia over a college trying to accommodate Muslim students' pre-prayer rituals, or a bank helping Muslims borrow money in a way consistent with their faith.

Rep. Keith Ellison, a U of M alum and the first Muslim elected to Congress, is scheduled to speak at the opening. Florida GOP Rep. Allen West recently declared that Ellison's faith was un-American.

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