Ishmael Williams Allegedly Snuck a Seven-Inch Knife into the Ramsey County Courthouse

How did Ishmael Williams get a knife into the courthouse?

How did Ishmael Williams get a knife into the courthouse?

It probably wasn't a great decision for Ishmael Williams to walk into the Ramsey County Courthouse in downtown St. Paul with an outstanding warrant for trespassing.

After he was recognized by a Ramsey County sheriff's deputy and placed under arrest, Williams got in even more trouble when the deputy found a seven-inch knife hidden in his jacket.

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Ramsey County spokesperson John Siqveland said they're not really sure how Williams, 19, managed to get a double-edged metal knife with a 3.5-inch blade past one of the building's three entrances. Visitors at each of the building's three entrances are supposed to go through an x-ray machine and get wanded by a metal detector.

The county just began a new five-year contract with Viking Security on June 15 to help with stuff like, say, keeping knives out of the county building, which includes St. Paul City Hall. Siqveland said all of the guards went through immediate re-training and Viking is in the process of putting together a report to explain what happened.

"All I can say is that we're going to sit down with them and review the report to see how this could have happened, and how this can be remedied in the future," said Siqveland.

Although Viking is new, Siqveland added that most of Viking's employees simply switched over from American Security when its contract ran out.