Is this the end of the daily newspaper?

In this week's cover story,

Trials and Stribulations

, G.R. Anderson Jr. and Paul Demko analyze the recent sales, buy-outs, and legal tangles involving the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. An excerpt: "Avista Capital Partners, a private equity firm with no prior experience in the newspaper business, agreed to buy the Strib for $530 million—less than half what McClatchy had paid for the paper eight years earlier. McClatchy tried to put a positive spin on the shortfall by pointing out that the sale would save the company $160 million in taxes. But the Strib sale nonetheless became a national benchmark for how steeply the value of daily newspapers has tumbled in recent years. 'I was stunned,' says Tim J. McGuire, the newspaper's former top editor. 'I didn't realize that revenues had declined quite as much as they obviously had.'" Can two daily papers thrive in such a small market? Can daily newspapers survive in the internet age? Check out the cover story


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