Is this kid from Columbia Heights the reincarnation of a 16th-century Buddhist lama? Or what? [VIDEO]

Jalue Dorjee reading one of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.

Jalue Dorjee reading one of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.

Jalue Dorjee is already sort of locally famous in the Twin Cities. 

The story of the "boy lama" from a Minneapolis suburb has been written of twice in the Star Tribune: Once when he was four, and again a few months ago, checking in on the now-nine-year-old. 

Let's also assume Dorjee is a big deal in Lhasa. And now, he's getting some national attention.

As the story goes, Dorjee is the eighth reincarnation of a guy called Taksham Neuden Dorjee. (It is from the lama that little Jalue takes his name.) Taksham was a lama, or spiritual leader, in the Buddhist faith during his (first) lifetime some 500 years ago. 

Dorjee was apparently recognized as special before birth, when an Indian lama traveling through the Twin Cities met his mother, and dreamt about the child's being a reincarnation. This was later taken up by other important lamas living in India, and eventually, the family was informed of Dorjee's special origins in a letter sealed by some guy called the Dalai Lama. Maybe you've heard of him?

All we know, after watching this clip from the PBS show Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, is that Dorjee seems smart for his age and friendly. If people got to vote on lamas -- not how it works at all, evidently -- he'd have our support. 

Ever wondered what a spiritual leader would look like wearing a United States soccer jersey? Or reading a children's book?

Sheepishly admitting that he'd smuggled in some Pokemon cards to a big religious ceremony? 

This is the video for you.