Is the U of Minn. groper at it again?


After University of Minnesota police released crime alerts last week about a suspect groper, police think he might be at it again. A man who several women say groped them while he rode by on a red bike, is suspected of inappropriately grabbing three women in the morning of Jan. 29 on the West Bank.

Today police released information on another incident that happened Sunday afternoon near the East Bank. This time the bike-by groper was on foot.

Here is the police's most recent alert:
A female University student was walking near Stub & Herb's was approached by a suspect and grabbed in the same manner as the previously described incidents. He approached the suspect from behind as she was walking, and grabbed her genitals.
Here is the information from the first crime alert:
In the first incident, a female student was walking on the West Bank Plaza near Anderson Hall when a man rode up to her on a bike, reached from behind and grabbed her genital area.

The suspect fled on his bike and rode in the direction of Wilson Library. Minutes later, the suspect assaulted another student in the area of 19th Avenue South and Washington Avenue. Again, the suspect rode up to a female student on his bike, reached from behind her and grabbed her genital area.

As the suspect fled from this incident, the second victim saw the suspect approach a third woman and grab her in a similar manner. The third victim has not yet contacted University Police and is encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

The suspect in these incidents is described as a black male with a dark complexion, approximately 29 to 39 years old, with a tall, thin build. The suspect was wearing a green hat, brown coat, white tennis shoes and sunglasses and was riding a red bicycle.

Anyone with information on these incidents should call police at 612-624-COPS.