Is the Star Tribune censoring criticism on its website?

It's been a crazy week at the Strib, what with the announcement in the New York Post on Sunday that Minneapolis's daily paper of record was on the verge of bankruptcy. Although the Strib denied that rumor, it did acknowledge that it had brought in the Blackstone Group to help manage its debt-load.

Now comes word, via the comments section, that the Strib may be extending its P.R. campaign into censoring reader comments on its website.

Several readers allege they left comments on the original article that were deleted because the point of view was negative toward the Star Tribune.

Will the Star Tribune censor... ...these comments, too? In their first story over the weekend eight people left comments. When they weren't going in the Star Tribunes favor they were deleted and no more comments were allowed.

posted by Average_Joe on May. 6, 08 at 6:15 AM | 9 of 11 people liked this comment.

Re: Will the Star Tribune censor... I was wondering what happened to a short comment I made yesterday. I thought I was losing my mind... Wow. It's like we're in second grade all over again if this is how it's going to be.

posted by DainVeli on May. 6, 08 at 12:13 PM | 0 of 1 people liked this comment.

The comments feature does appear to be off on the article.