Is the FBI investigating Coleman? Who really knows?

Is the FBI investigating Coleman? Who really knows?

Last week, the Democrats threatened the ultimate: making Norm Coleman's life hell if he ends up making it back to the Senate. Well now they have a new string of evidence to cling on to.

The Pioneer Press reported this weekend that the wording used by Coleman's spokespeople changed when they asked if he was being investigated by the FBI for allegations that his buddy Nasser Kazeminy tried to funnel $100,000 to his family.

It's all in the wording: The press people went from a flat-out "no" to a "no comment". Start the rumor mill!

So here's the story. Or non-story.

The Pioneer Press has sources that say Coleman is being investigated by the FBI for allegations against Kazeminy. None of the lawsuits allege any wrongdoing by Coleman or that he had any knowledge of the attempt to funnel money. If Coleman was involved, it could be a violation of the Senate's gift-disclosure requirements.

And the catch: The press people changed their line of commenting, but it might not even mean anything.

More from the PiPress:

Previously, Coleman or his spokesmen had answered "no" when asked whether the Republican former senator had been contacted by the FBI or other investigators or had received what's known as a "target letter," a Department of Justice convention that alerts people under investigation. That changed this week.

On Friday, neither Coleman's spokesmen nor his attorney would comment when asked those questions.

"As the Senator has said, he welcomes an investigation into this matter and is eager for it to move forward as quickly as possible," spokesman Tom Erickson said in an e-mail. "That's all we have to say on this matter until it is resolved."

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