Is synthetic marijuana the new Salvia? (Videos)

Yes, it gets you high.
Yes, it gets you high.

On Saturday, Minnesota joins the growing list of states that have outlawed Salvia Divinorum, the smokable herb that gave us a lifetime's worth of YouTube videos. As this week's cover story explains, Salvia's place in the world of legal psychotropics is being taken by K2, Spice, and other synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of marijuana.

The fake pot is taking off in head shops across the country. And while watching people get moderately baked doesn't pack quite the cinematic punch of a Salvia-induced five-minute dissociative episode, synthetic cannabinoid videos are showing up on the internet too. Here's a sampling:

These guys complain that a synthetic marijuana product gives them a "very fast stomach-ache," but as they light up a fresh batch, they keep things in perspective: "We're not dead."

This kid's verdict: "I wouldn't even mess with it." He does recommend it to police officers, however.

Even his bright orange bong cannot distract from the unavoidable truth of this gentleman's clip: taking giant rips of K2 will not make you a more interesting video personality.

This entertaining video appears to document the effects of K2 on muppets:

And lastly, one of the creepier things that happens when drug culture and legal commerce collide: infomercial sales pitches from dudes in bandanas.

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