Is Minneapolis Home to America's Ugliest Accent?


The vox populi has spoken, and it's wonderfully hideous.

This week, Gawker is hosting a battle of the bad American accents. Most of the moore-ons and chowdaheds on the list are there for good reason. But Minneapolis?

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Minnesotans have weird accents and are nice, America says

Yes, there are enough uffdas and you betchas to go around the metro, but the cartoonishly elongated Os and As don't really assault the senses until you get north of St. Cloud. Gawker defended the inclusion this way: "Minneapolis retains more than enough of those Midwestern vowels to make your ears bleed."

Fair enough. Here's our unelected leader:

We get it. We've all seen "Fargo." But are we sillier than Tallahassee? A place that our colleague in Miami put somewhere between a crawfish & pickup truck emporium and south Georgia? Warning: this next video is painful to watch. Betcha can't go more than a minute.

You decide. Looks like the Gawker poll is open until 2 p.m.

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