Is Mark Kennedy eligible to vote in Connecticut?

class=img_thumbleft>Republicans are attempting to pull Democratic candidates from across the country into the fray over Sen. Joseph Lieberman's primary loss to neophyte, anti-Iraq-war candidate Ned Lamont. The Republican National Senatorial Committee sent out a series of cookie cutter press releases yesterday targeting senate candidates in competitive states. Among those that the RNSC is seeking to pigeonhole as a terrorist loving, far left radical: Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar. Here's a snippet of the statement the organization released:

"What happened in Connecticut's primary clearly demonstrates that the angry left fringe of the Democrat Party is in charge and party leaders have already lined up this morning to support their cause," said NRSC Spokesman Brian Walton. "Does Amy Klobuchar support the wishes of the angry left by endorsing Ned Lamont's candidacy or does she support the man her party picked as their Vice Presidential nominee just two elections ago?"

While Democrats across the country have climbed on the Lamont bandwagon in the last 48 hours, Klobuchar apparently isn't interested in entering the Connecticut debate. A statement from her campaign notes that she is "focused on the issues important to Minnesotans, not other races around the country."