Is Johan Santana one of the best pitchers ever?

</div class=img_thumbleft>In this week's cover story, The Art of Deception, G.R. Anderson Jr. profiles Twins pitcher Johan Santana, a two-time Cy Young Award winner bucking for a third. An excerpt: "Even Santana's rivals speak admiringly of his arm. C.C. Sabathia, the Cleveland Indians star pitcher—and one of Santana's competitors for the Cy Young award this year—isn't afraid to bow down. 'He's the top,' Sabathia says. Present company excluded? 'No, he's better,' Sabathia confesses, a rare moment of real humility from a professional athlete. That's heady praise for a player who five years ago was an unknown commodity. Raised in a remote town in the Andes Mountains, Santana was plucked from obscurity. But through what Twins general manager Terry Ryan calls 'coachability,' Santana transformed himself into one of baseball's best pitchers." Is he the best ever? Check out the story, then come back to join the conversation.