Is Bachmann's seat up for grabs?

If TV ad money means anything, it appears the Republicans are concerned about Rep. Michele Bachmann losing her reelection. It looks like her comments about black homeowners, minimal debating and superstar Larry King Live status aren't working so well in her district.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the National Republican Congressional Committee canceled 66 spots that were reserved between Oct. 14th and Oct. 20th on WCCO for Paulsen and added spots for Bachmann. NRCC also scaled back at KARE. Looks like they might be dumping Erik Paulsen too.

According to MPR:

The NRCC will also run ads on GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann's behalf. The NRCC has reserved time on Bachmann's behalf to run between October 20th and election day (at a cost of about $126k) at WCCO.

Her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, saw the news as a perfect moment to take a jab at Bachmann:

We have Michele Bachmann playing defense. The National Republicans know Michele Bachmann is in trouble and they have decided to pour money into the Sixth District race to try and defend her extreme voting record.

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