Irina Vorotinov Charged With Faking Husband's Death to Collect $2 Million Payout

The FBI caught Irina's son with photos of her husband taken months after he was supposed to be dead

The FBI caught Irina's son with photos of her husband taken months after he was supposed to be dead

The FBI says Irina Vorotinov faked her husband Igor's death in Moldova and collected a $2 million life insurance payout, which she quickly moved to a Swiss bank account.

If the charges are true, she probably would've gotten away with it if her idiot son Alkon hadn't taken pictures of Igor after his supposed death. That's like Faking a Death 101. See also: Timothy Boland Admits to Killing Brother's Girlfriend, Faking Motorcycle Accident

According to charges filed Tuesday by U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger:

Igor took out a $2 million life insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha in 2010. A year later, Irina reported he died while visiting Moldova. His body was found on the side of road, in between two bushes, with no evidence of foul play. He was identified by his passport.

But neither police nor the morgue took a photo of the corpse. Irina had the body cremated and took it back to America. So when insurers investigated, they had to take Moldova officials' word for it. Irina was paid in 2102.

She began sending money to Swiss and Moldovan bank accounts. The scheme went swimmingly until the FBI received a tip in 2013 stating the Vorotinovs, who lived in Maple Grove, had faked Igor's death.

The FBI arrested Alkon and his fiancee at the Detroit airport after they returned from Moldova.

Agents searched his computer, finding photos of the supposedly dead Igor taken 18 months after he died. They'd been shot with a Canon IOS Rebel T4i, which wasn't released until months after Irina cashed the insurance payout.

The two big questions that remain unanswered are 1) Whose body did the Moldovan police find if Igor is still alive? and 2) Where is Igor?

We called the U.S. Attorney's Office in Minneapolis yesterday to ask those questions, but they would not comment on the record.

Irina is charged with mail fraud, and is looking at "years in prison," according the the U.S. Attorney's spokesman. Alkon is charged with having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony and concealing the crime.

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