Ira Stafford accuses Minneapolis police of unprovoked beating during traffic stop


The Minneapolis Police Internal Affairs Unit is investigating an accusation that officers used excessive force on a 52-year-old man in north Minneapolis during a routine traffic stop.

Ira Stafford tells WCCO's Caroline Lowe that he was driving around with some friends in north Minneapolis when police pulled him over for a problem with a light in his truck. Stafford says the officers yanked him out of his vehicle and punched him repeatedly.

Then they tasered him "two or three" times, a detail the officers didn't feel the need to mention in the incident report.

Stafford was originally charged with obstructing the legal process, but the charge has since been dropped. He recently hired an attorney with the intent of suing the police department. A call to police from WCCO prompted the internal investigation.

WCCO has footage of the arrest from the dash cam here.