Iowa Republican Mark Chelgren wants some illegal immigrants executed

The state's Republican party wants nothing to do with Chelgren's homicidal immigration strategy.

The state's Republican party wants nothing to do with Chelgren's homicidal immigration strategy.

It’s cool, everyone. A Republican from Iowa has solved America’s immigration problem. We just gotta kill 'em.

Well, some of them.

This week Mark Chelgren, a state senator running for Congress, spelled out his immigration platform. Sure, he supports building a big-ass border fence. But to keep out the serious baddies, he wants to execute deported felons who try to sneak back into the states.

Hot takes on immigration are a sure way to fire up Republican voters. The guy who called Mexican immigrants murderous rapists is the GOP’s leading presidential candidate, after all. But Chelgren’s plan trumps Trump.

Republican Party of Iowa isn't rushing in behind him, however. In a statement to media outlets, party spokesman Charlie Szold said, “These remarks do not represent the values and beliefs of Iowa Republicans. Period.”

But that doesn’t seem to bother the aspiring congressman, who’s challenging Rep. Dave Loebsack in Iowa’s Second Congressional District.

“I don’t ask the Republican Party for their advice or opinions,” he says. “I believe that they’re culpable on this issue.”

Yet Chelgren did offer a clarification on his plan. He says not all felons trying to return to the U.S. should necessarily die. He only wants to kill the super mean ones with plans to “join with terrorism” or commit other heinous crimes. Throwing the book at unAmerican bad guys, Chelgren says, would dissuade them from coming back.

“How else would we protect the asylum seekers, the new immigrants to this country, and our own citizens if we don’t try to seek out the very people they’re trying to flee from?” he says.

Whether or not killing them is the answer, Chelgren’s no stranger to controversy. In 2011, the Republican from Ottumwa caught heat after weirdly comparing federally funded preschool programs to Nazi indoctrination. A year later, Chelgren proposed an amendment that would give people paying child support the right to require the recipient to take drug tests twice a year.