Inver Grove Heights' creepy peeping tom goat is living it up at animal sanctuary

After its momentous capture, the goat was given to Farmaste Animal Sanctuary in Lindstrom.

After its momentous capture, the goat was given to Farmaste Animal Sanctuary in Lindstrom. Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

Around this time last year, a few Inver Grove Heights residents looked out their windows and straight into a pair of creepy sideways pupils.

An unaccompanied goat was seen wandering around the neighborhood, peering into peoples’ living rooms and deftly eluding capture for over a week. Breathless residents followed its saga on social media until the police department finally nabbed it.

That was the end of Inver Grove Heights’ crazy goat story. But it wasn’t the end for the goat itself. His current caretakers call him “Iggy,” and they don’t find him creepy at all.

Iggy lives at the Farmaste Animal Shelter in Lindstrom – a 79-acre refuge where farm animals are allowed to live in peace and comfort. After a quick checkup and quarantine at the University of Minnesota, volunteers took him off the Inver Grove Police Department’s hands, along with about $100 in donations from concerned spectators.

“He was very skittish at first,” founder and president Kelly Tope says. As unnerving as he’d seemed with his caprine stare, Iggy was actually a young, nervous goat with a healthy fear of people and a few common diseases. Tope can only speculate about his origins.

“They’re not always from the best places,” she says of the sanctuary animals. It’s possible he may have escaped a live market in the area.

As the weeks went by, Iggy began to blossom. He made friends with a calf named Moolan and started capering around the barn with her. Eventually, he fit in with the other goats, and spent his free time jumping on haybales and nibbling on flowers. At last, he started cautiously approaching people and letting them scratch behind his ears and between his horns.

He hasn’t been peeping into windows as far as Tope has seen – though he does tend to rubber-neck into the neighboring stall.

If you want to check in on Inver Grove Heights’ favorite trespasser, you can visit him in person during Farmaste’s weekly tours or creep on the sanctuary’s social media feeds.