Introducing Andy Mannix's Twin Cities Reader

Today City Pages is launching Twin Cities Reader, a news aggregator designed to round up the most important headlines affecting the Twin Cities.

Named for the alt weekly with which City Pages competed in the glory days, Twin Cities Reader will link to and send traffic to a variety of sources, from traditional print operations like the Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press, to online-only enterprises such as MinnPost, Minnesota Independent, and MnSpeak, as well as national publications that cover areas of interest to Minnesota.

Running the show is a young, up-and-coming journalist named Andy Mannix. Although he's still finishing up his degree at the U of M, Mannix has already produced several pieces that gained local notice. While serving as a web intern at City Pages, Mannix wrote Campus Conman, the story of a grifter who partied like a college kid even though he wasn't enrolled. When the Republican National Convention came to town, Mannix was on the front lines for City Pages, and got a face full of Mace while reporting on the rioting. Most recently, Mannix broke the story of a video piracy operation in St. Paul, which press critic David Brauer hailed as "highly readable, well-reported and altogether scoopy."

There's a lot of doomsaying about "the death of media," but to our eyes, there's more media out there than ever. Mannix has been charged with finding the most interesting, arresting, important, funny, clever, and relevant stories. If you know of a good story of interest to the Twin Cities, please send him an email to let him know.