Interesting Revelations from Michele Bachmann's Washington Post Exit Profile


Michele Bachmann's storied run in Congress is winding down, and to commemorate the end of an era, the Washington Post's Ben Terris followed her around the Sixth District for a day late last month.

Even though we're quite familiar with Bachmann around these parts by now, Terris's exit profile of Minnesota's most notorious political lightning rod contains a few interesting nuggets. Below the jump we run down the ones that particularly caught our attention.

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7. Bachmann's final speeches has been sad affairs:


6. But her declining popularity might not be the only reason she decided not to run for reelection. Consider this cryptic comment from Kent Sorenson, a former Iowa legislator who lost his job and now faces possible prison time thanks to a scandal involving Bachmann's failed presidential campaign:

5. Nonetheless, Glenn Beck thinks she's.... a hybrid of Martin Luther King and Gandhi?!?!

4. And lest you think no Democrats have fondness for her, consider that Al Franken makes an appearance in a Bachmann tribute video featuring a bunch of right-wing heavy hitters:

3. Hell, even Jon Voight is a big fan:

2. And Bachmann impressed the reporter with her way with kids and One Direction knowledge:

1. So what's not to like? Well, we suppose there still is that whole politics thing we haven't really touched on yet... (The "dictator" she refers to here is President Obama, of course.)

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