Inside Edition names City Pages cover subject an extraordinary story of '08


In a year of extraordinary stories, Inside Edition named a City Pages cover subject one of the most extraordinary stories of the year. The tabloid TV magazine featured Jeremy Gillitzer, who was the subject of the City Pages cover story Boy, Interrupted, in its roundup of notable 2008 stories.

At 92 pounds, 36-year-old Jeremy Gillitzer is fighting for his life. He suffers from what is commonly known as "manorexia," or male anorexia. He began as a strong young model, but when the pressure became too intense, he began starving himself. Now Jeremy wants to get healthy, and is trying to get back to a more normal weight.

You can see the YouTube documentary of Jeremy's story here:


From the original story:

Jeremy learned how to properly purge when he was sent to Station 62--the adult psychiatric ward of the University of Minnesota Hospital. An older patient named Diane had been throwing up so long, she wore dentures though she was only in her late 20s. "She kind of taught me how to do it," Jeremy says. "Taught me to drink a lot of water to get it all up, and to eat certain foods that are easier." Rice, for example, would still be coming up hours after he ate it. "Whereas things that are liquid are obviously easy to throw up--milk, yogurt, what else? Anything that's liquid or meltable. Soup without all the stuff in it."