Inside baseball: Watch Joe Mauer steal signs

This is a fascinating video that deconstructs how Joe Mauer allegedly steals signs from the Detroit Tigers catcher and signals to his teammate Jason Kubel so that he knows what to expect coming across the plate.

The video was released on YouTube and is causing quite a stir. It has garnered 775,000 pageviews since being posted by user rolemodel2008 on Sept. 29 and seems sure to break a million with the renewed interest leading up to the tie-breaker against Detroit on Tuesday.

The controversy has even made it to the New York Times, where Mauer somewhat unconvincingly argues that it was just a nervous tic:

After the Twins defeated the Tigers, 8-3, Mauer said that he had watched the video and called it "sort of funny." While Mauer admitted that players try to get an edge "anyway you can," he said he was not relaying signs to Kubel on Tuesday.

"Obviously, if you see something, you're going to try and take advantage," Mauer said. "But, at that point, it was totally off."

Mauer, who said he fiddled with the right ear flap on his helmet a lot, stressed that he would have been "less obvious" if he was actually relaying signs.

He gets our vote for Most Valuable Player. Not only can Mauer hit, but he might have a second career as a code talker.

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