Insane meteor captured on Bemidji cop's dashcam [VIDEO]

Holy smokes!

Holy smokes! Facebook

First the good news: That wasn't the deadly byproduct of presidential tweets raining hellfire on northern Minnesota. No, the dazzling blaze in Bemidji's nighttime sky on Wednesday came from God's heavenly arsenal: It was a meteor! 

But not just any meteor. The fiery space ball was part of the Quadrantid meteor shower, which occurs each year in early January, according to And, thanks to dashcam video captured by the Bemidji Police Department, you can observe the aerial theatrics. 

"We all know that you have been talking about the 'bright lights' in the sky," reads the video post from Thursday, which has been viewed almost 50,000 times. "One of our Officers captured the Quadrantid Meteor Shower last night."

The meteor broke apart in our atmosphere, Simpsons-style, so we're morally allowed to enjoy the devastation-free spectacle. Pretty cool, Mother Nature. Pretty cool.

Now, as we rocket into the weekend, let's all bump this (very loosely) related Katy Perry jam: