Insane ex-husband won't get his kidney back


The completely crazy New York man who tried to get his kidney donation back from his ex-wife failed. Everything in the world is right again.

A court official tossed a Long Island man's request that his estranged wife return the kidney he donated to her or pay $1.5 million, says the NY Post.

More from NY Post:
In a 10-page decision, matrimonial referee Jeffrey Grob ruled that the kidney was a gift and suggested that the doctor may have committed a crime in trying to get money for a bodily organ.

"The defendant's effort to pursue and extract monetary compensation therefore not only runs afoul of the statutory prescription, but conceivably may expose the defendant to criminal prosecution," Grob said.

In case you haven't been following the case, Richard Batista let the divorce settlement requests go a little too far when he decided to demand his kidney back from his wife. Or if she didn't want to die, she could just pay him $1.5 million. The woman had the kidney transplant at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Why did he think this was OK? He claimed his wife cheated on him. His wife fired back at him, claiming he was a crazed and jealous husband who went panty sniffing to try and bust her for cheating. Gross. The story raised all sorts of medical ethics questions. One U of M professor called the request "shameful" and said the man was trying to take back something that was legally a gift with no set value.