Incident report filed in police knockout of Native American man

Incident report filed in police knockout of Native American man
Yesterday we told you the story of a witness who says he saw police knock out a man who had been laying on the floor causing a scene at the Rainbow on 28th Avenue at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Today we have the incident report, and though it provides more details about who was involved, it doesn't answer the question of what the suspect did to provoke the right hook to the jaw.

According to the report, police were summoned to the Rainbow Foods at 2919 26th Ave. South. Kevin Franek was the responding officer.

"Officers responded to the above location to send two unwanted parties from the store," the report reads. "They were sleeping in the front lobby and in the bathroom. Upon escorting them from the premises both disregarded police commands to leave. Both were arrested for obstructing officers."

That apparently led to the use of force against Harlan Clinton Greyeagle, a 33-year-old Native American. A witness to the incident described what happened next to City Pages:

"When the man got within roughly a foot of the officer, the officer punched the man in the jaw with his right fist, knocking him against the windows of the storefront, taking him to the ground and immediately cuffing him," the witness says. "He appeared to be knocked out and blood was pooling out from his mouth."

The incident report doesn't offer much in the way of an explanation for the Use of Force, other than the catch-all "obstruction."

When we asked our tipster what led to the punch, the source said that "all of the officers including the one who punched the man were grinning as they approached the man in front of the store, while the man seemed fairly upset about whatever it was the officers were saying to him. Perhaps they were verbally provoking him and that's why he began gesturing at them. I can't say for sure."

But he is certain that the police threw the first punch: "the officer most definitely swung as an offensive move rather than to defend himself."

Greyeagle was taken from the scene via ambulance and charged with two misdemeanors: Loitering and Obstruction of the Legal Process.
The ambulance that took Greyeagle from the scene
The ambulance that took Greyeagle from the scene

Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told us yesterday that the incident remains under investigation and called on Greyeagle to come forward if he felt mistreated.

"We will leave it up to the Use of Force review if it's justified or needs to go on for further investigation and for me to say anything else at this time is inappropriate," Elder says. "If this gentleman feels he's been treated improperly, we encourage him to come forward and talk to Internal Affairs."

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