In-store camera captures deadly shootings in Franklin Ave. market

A shooting that claimed the lives of three men inside a south Minneapolis grocery Wednesday evening initially appeared to be a robbery attempt. But authorities aren't so sure after reviewing video footage.

A security camera inside Halal Meats on East Franklin and 25th avenues captured two suspects entering the store. Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan was tight-lipped at a press conference today, declining to offer details and refusing to speculate as to the suspects' motive.

From the Strib:

While Dolan would not elaborate on whether the shooting may have involved rival clans or tribes from the Somali community, as appears to have been the case in prior Somali homicides, Mayor R.T. Rybak cautioned not to simplify what is likely a complex crime.

"I strongly encourage you not to move to a cartoon of an extraordinarily complex community," Rybak said. "The nation of Somalia is a fractured nation that does have people in various groups and some are in different clans. It would be a dramatic oversimplification to say that those divisions automatically transfer to this community."

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