In St. Cloud, Bradlee Dean speaks to more protesters than supporters

SCSU students apparently weren't interested to hear Dean play the drums. Yeah, that must've been it.

SCSU students apparently weren't interested to hear Dean play the drums. Yeah, that must've been it.

We hope it was worth it, St. Cloud State College Republicans.

Thanks to your decision not to cancel Bradlee Dean's on-campus appearance last night, you may never have the opportunity to work for the MNGOP. Not only that, but the event itself turned out to be a embarrassing dud.

According to the St. Cloud Times, Dean and his band, Junkyard Prophet, "performed to a sparse crowd" of about 50 people. Toward the end of his performance, attendance more than doubled as about 80 students associated with a group called No-Hate lined the walls, some wearing tape over their mouths.

[jump] Said Justin Lewandowski, a No-Hate organizer: "The students of St. Cloud and community members of St. Cloud are having a hard time understanding why Bradlee Dean is speaking at SCSU. He only creates division, not dialogue."

Despite it all, SCSU Republicans remain defiant about their decision to raise funds to host the controversial preacher. Elizabeth Ilse, public relations chair for the College Republicans, said she was "disgusted" by the way MNGOP executive director Ben Zierke threatened SCSU Republicans with the possibility of not being considered for jobs with the Minnesota Republican Party or at the Capitol if they went ahead with the Dean event.

Zierke "was acting like a parent saying 'you're not doing this.' I've never gotten a call from him prior to this event," Ilse told the Times, adding that she views the anti-gay, possibly racist Dean as "speaking out about the core principles and values the party supposedly believes in."

On second thought, if the leadership of SCSU Republicans really believes Dean embodies the party's core principles, then the MNGOP would probably be wise to look elsewhere whenever they get around to paying their rent and hiring fresh employees.

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